1. How do I know how much mulch I will need?
Usually most houses on under a 1/4 acre lot will require less than 10 cubic yards, so if this is you, then please select our base package.  You can also mark on our order page for us to notify you at the time of installation if it will be more than 10 cubic yards.  If you think it could be more and want a better estimate, please use our Mulch Calculator or send in a Residential Quote Request Form.  We will use Google Earth to estimate your quantity and get in contact with you.

2. What products can you blow and how far can you reach with the hoses?

We can apply soils, mulches, and composts very effectively. We can also apply top soil and gravel up to ¾”. The trucks are equipped with hoses up to 200 feet and additional hose is available at a fee. Our maximum hose length is 500 feet, which allows us to get over walls, fences, and other obstacles with ease.

3. Why blow it instead of manual application?
Blowing the ground cover is a faster, more efficient, and more precise delivery system. We achieve a more uniform and even application, and there is very little waste. There are no unsightly piles to manually move from one location to another, and it is fast and efficient, which saves you time and money. It also makes it very easy to get to remote areas, and it doesn’t leave tire tracks in the yard that will require repair. It saves you time, money, effort, and you can create a better, cleaner landscape design.

4. Will it hurt or damage existing plants?
We make every attempt to protect existing plants and landscaping. Our highly trained technicians will assess every job and proceed with caution. If there are any existing plants in a position where damage is unavoidable, we will discuss this with you to determine the best way to handle it.

5. Is it dusty or messy?
Since our products include mulch, topsoil, and compost, there is an unavoidable element of dust and mess. However, we’ve made every attempt to reduce this. Our trucks are equipped with a dust suppression system which reduces dust, and we carry portable blowers and brooms to clean up after delivery.

6. How do you reach remote areas?
Remote areas pose no problem for us. Our trucks are equipped with 300 feet of hose in 30 foot lengths, which carry easily. We often move our truck to a more strategic location and re-pull hoses as necessary.

7. What preparations does the customer have to do prior to installation?
For the most efficient delivery, it’s best for your flowerbeds to be relatively clean and edged. All animal deposits need to be removed prior to arrival, and your seasonal planting should be completed.

8. How thick can the product be blown?
We can apply from 1/4" to 5" thick or more, depending on job needs

9. When can you do the job?
Contact us to schedule one of our mulch installation crews.

10. Do I have to be present while the job is being done?
No, but payment is due upon completion of the job. We accept credit cards.

11. Where does the mulch come from?
Our mulch comes from clean, recycled, local timber waste. After inspecting the waste timber for quality to be sure that the wood is healthy, we chip the waste timber with an industrial sized Morbark 1600.  The chips are then naturally turned into mulch by composting at our 150-acre processing facility, located 15 miles outside of Houston.