How Ike is still affecting your landscaping!

MulchMatters is the only Houston mulch producer that did not accept any contaminated Ike mulch while over 1.5 million cu/yds has been sent to all other area mulch producers and suppliers. After the storm, the first pass picked up everything on the streets which included treated lumber for fencing, siding which had lead paint, telephone poles and other contaminates. The second pass picked up everything on the curbs, including household contaminates and everything cleaned out of refrigerators.

The later passes were separated well from the material other than trees but were thrown on top of the more contaminated material and mixed together at the FEMA
disposal sites. This contaminated mulch was sold through 2011 and will be in soil mixes until 2016.

We put our guarantee of no Ike mulch on every delivery ticket.  Make sure you're keeping your landscaping as healthy as possible by using the only mulch in Houston you can trust -- Mulch Matters!

The Benefits of Mulch from Mulch Matters

We guarantee that our mulch is better. Why?

  • All mulches are STA certified
  • Certified-Playground mulch “Kiddie Cushion”
  • Lasts 2-3 times longer than other mulches
  • Our 150-acre facility allows our mulch time to properly compost eliminating odors, nitrogen depletion, and insects